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A simple way for you to get a discount on your next home purchase. Here's how it works. You contact us and let us help you find a home. Once we find the home and write the contract, we draft an addendum that shows our commission credit to be applied to your closing cost and allowable prepaid items.

Phoenix homes buyers are working with TCT Real Estate to not just find a home but putting some cash back in their pocket.  Our home buyer rebate program allows you to use some of our commission towards your closing costs, so you bring less to closing.  It's real money right back in your pocket to use for what ever you want.   Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the guidelines for this program. 

Be sure to mention this program when you contact one of our agents.

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Here some of the rules to keep both us in compliance with Federal guidelines.

  1. Due to Federal Lending Guidelines, The Cascade Team Real Estate requires that your buyer rebate be shown as an agent credit on the HUD-1, thereby reducing the amount of your closing costs.  Closing costs can vary depending on the lender, size of loan, home price and the date your home purchase is closing.

  2. Total credits allowed by a lender can include credits from the seller, the loan officer and the buyer’s agent.

  3. If your lender caps the total amount of closing cost credit you can receive (from all sources), any un-used portion of the rebate, after all seller concessions have been allowed for, is FORFEITED.  It is illegal for The Cascade Team Real Estate, and/or any agent, to rebate or "kick back" any compensation outside of closing that is not disclosed to the lender.  To participate in this is a federal crime and is punishable by both fines and prison time.

  4. Our buyer credit is subject to the lender’s approval, and there may be restrictions with VA or FHA loans. Your refund cannot be used as part of your down payment or to meet the capital reserve requirements of your loan program.