How To Text One Or More Leads From The Backend

Before you can text leads from the backend you must activate texting first. See our tutorial at The Cascade Team Backend Manual for instructions.

Pre-Requisites To Text A Lead:

  1. You must activate text messaging first. See above.
  2. Lead must have a valid phone number in the lead's profile
  3. Mass text messages to multiple leads at once requires that the leads are opted-in to receive mass text messages. Only opted-in leads can receive mass text messages.
  4. The opt-in rule above does not apply to sending an individual text message to an individual lead.


Select Your Leads To Text

  1. Click Leads
  2. Add checkmarks to the leads you want to text message. Remember the opt-in rule above if you're texting multiple leads at once.
  3. Click Text

Compose and Send - Mass Text To Multiple Leads

  1. Shows how many opted-in leads that will receive the message
  2. Show how many leads that you selected that will not receive the message because they have not opted-in to receive mass text messages.
  3. Compose your text message
  4. Click Send Text

In this example, we selected 3 leads to text message. 1 of the 3 opted in to receive mass text messages. Cary, who opted-in, will receive the text message. The other two will not receive them because they have not opted-in.


Compose and Send - An individual Text To An Individual Lead

  1. Enter a valid number if one is not already there
  2. Compose your text message
  3. Click Send Text

 You Are Finished!