How To Use The New Home Valuation System

Here are the highlights of how the new home valuation system works and what you and customer can expect from it. Home Valuations are a powerful lead generation tool, especially when paired with Cascade Team Personal Websites. If you don't have a personal website yet, don't worry, you can still get a lot of benefits from the valuations too.

Brokers with Personal Cascade Team Websites

Home Valuations will be automatically installed on all personal broker websites. When customers request a valuation at your site, they automatically get entered as a lead into your database and you also get an email alert delivered straight to your inbox. You can then follow up with the lead to arrange an in-person market analysis.

Brokers without Personal Cascade Team Websites

Any leads that requests a valuation, and are already reqistered in your backend database, will go directly to you. If the lead that requestst a valuation and isn't previously registered, it goes to the next agent in rotation. If you want to set up a valuation for a client, add them to your lead database first, then set up the valuation as described below.

Periodic Automatic Updates

On a regular basis, the system will automatically send an email to the client reminding them about their home value. It helps keep you front of mind with them.


The Home Valuation

  1. If the customer has location services turned on for their device, it will automatically position the map to their current location.
  2. They can also type in an address
  3. They can also add basic home stats to refine the estimate
  4. They can see the value range calculations

The Valuation and Comparable Sold Homes

  1. They see the first 4 comparable sold properties
  2. They can click to see the rest of the sold comparables
  3. They can click to get a CMA from you. The request goes straight to our your email and the contact is also placed in your lead database.

More Sold Homes and Refining

  1. They can see the all the comparables
  2. They can refine the comparables even further
  3. They can save it as a search to get email updates on. That search is save for the lead in your database and you can keep tabs on it too.

Request An In-Person CMA

When they click to get an in-person CMA, they just fill out the form. It goes straight to your inbox and they are added as a lead to the backend system. You can then contact the customer and arrange to give them an in-person CMA

 You Are Finished!