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>Take all forms to NWMLS for processing in Kirkland.
>Switch your key, or pick up a new one.
>Take the NWMLS matrix and listing input classes.
>Meet with Victor. He will show you how to use the backend, will set up your email, and send you home with important documents and information about our office procedures.
>Meet with Alyse to learn about offers and transactions.
>Meet with Janet or Connor to Pick your farm area. This can be related to friends, family, work, geography, etc.
>Create and order a marketing mailer. You can use EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) with the post office, or personally deliver them to your farm area.
>Visit or tour homes in your farm area. You want to know this area as well as possible.
>Add a minimum of 100 contacts to your leads in the backend. >Set up your Social Media accounts.
>Blog at least two times per week. Share this blog post on all social media accounts.
>Volunteer for open houses (this will help you collect contacts for the backend)
>Learn the listing presentation by downloading it and practicing until you have it memorized and feel comfortable.
>Participate in community service events with The Cascade Team or in your community.