Rental and Leasing Application Qualifications Standards


Each person over 18 must submit a complete and separate application. Information contained within and gathered in association with this application is considered confidential.

The Cascade Team does business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act. All occupants over the age of 18 must qualify. All non-dependent leaseholders or non-dependent occupants of legal age must fill out an application and are considered to be applicants.  Each applicant must complete an application in its entirety and all information provided must be true, accurate and complete, as well as verifiable.

Qualification is determined using a credit analysis model, income verification, and criminal background history. Resident history may be evaluated based upon the outcome of credit analysis. Each applicant's credit and criminal status will be individually evaluated; leaseholders' income will be combined for credit scoring.

Occupancy Guidelines: The maximum occupancy standards are listed below.

One Bedroom                   Two Bedroom                  Three Bedroom                 Four Bedroom

Max. Occupants: 2           Max. Occupants: 5          Max. Occupants: 7           Max. Occupants: 9

Credit Analysis: A credit report will be secured and evaluated for all leaseholders.

Income/Employment: Gross annual income for all leaseholders is combined and entered into the credit-scoring model for each applicant. Additional sources of income may be considered. Individuals will meet a minimum monthly income of 2.0 to 3.0 times the monthly rental amount, depending upon credit and rental history.  Guarantors, if required, will meet a minimum monthly income of 5.0 times the monthly rental amount.

Criminal History: A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant. The criminal search will be run for all addresses at which the applicant(s) has resided over the previous 24 months. The application will be rejected for any of the following reported criminal related reasons that have occurred within the ten (10) years prior to the application date:

  • Felony conviction
  • Any terrorist related conviction
  • Any illegal drug related conviction
  • Any prostitution related conviction
  • Any sex related conviction
  • Any cruelty to animals related conviction
  • Misdemeanor conviction involving crime against persons or property
  • Any of the above related charges resulting in Adjudication Withheld and/or Deferred Adjudication
  • Active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the above

Rental History: Rental history for the past 24 consecutive months may be evaluated based on the outcome of the credit analysis.

Additional Deposits/Guarantors: An additional deposit and/or guarantor may be required based on the outcome of the credit analysis, income verification, or rent history of the applicant(s).

Pets: If pets are allowed, there may be an additional pet deposit and a pet interview.

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